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In order to use the Speciss College website you must first agree to the following terms.

You can indicate your acceptance to these Terms of Use by starting to use the website and by accepting the services we offer through it.  If you are not able to agree to our Terms of Use then you must stop using the website immediately and you must not accept any of our services.

You acknowledge that Speciss College owns the website and all the material, pictures, drawings, videos, audio, audiovisual, computer code, text and layout contained within it.

Therefore you undertake to use this website under the licenses granted to you by Speciss College, to view it using a browser or an electronic device, store it in your browser’s cache and print such pages as you require for your own non commercial use.  Should you intend using the material on the website in any other way, you agree that you will obtain permission from Speciss College in writing first.  Speciss College may or may not grant you such permission.

You agree that the information Speciss College is licensing you to access, is for your own personal use and that you shall not copy it, sell it, or reproduce it for any reason whatsoever, unless it is with Speciss College’s written permission.

You further acknowledge that Speciss College has informed you of its determination to protect its ownership rights and that, should you use the website in any way other than that which Speciss College has granted you by the above mentioned licenses, Speciss College shall prosecute you to the full extent allowed by the law and claim damages, legal costs and interest from you, which costs you shall pay in full.

Innovation and Continuation of Use.
In order to continue improving the quality of the services we offer to you, Speciss College may, at its discretion, enhance, update and change the website without any reference to you or any other user.

Though Speciss College shall use its best endeavours to provide you with accurate and continuous service, you agree that Speciss College does not accept responsibility for any interruptions, either temporary or permanent, to its service.  You also agree that Speciss College at its own discretion and without giving you reasons or notice may alter, suspend, cancel, withdraw or stop offering you any or all of the services provided by the website.

Using The Services Provided By The Speciss College Website.
In order to use some of the services you will need to register as a member by providing identification details.  You agree that the information you will enter when registering will be true and correct.

You acknowledge and agree that you will not attempt to access any services in any way otherthan through the interface provided by Speciss College for this purpose and also, that you will do nothing which may disrupt, stop, interfere with, confuse, or obstruct any of the services offered by the Speciss College website to its users.

You agree that should you violate or contravene any of the Terms of Use, you do so intentionally and you undertake full responsibility for any damage you cause to Speciss College and other third parties.

You accept that you personally are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your passphrase or passwords and that you will be held responsible for any illegal activity that might be performed using your own passphrase or passwords. In this instance you agree to compensate Speciss College and all other third parties for any damage they have suffered as a result of that illegal activity.

You accept and agree that you shall acknowledge the copyright owner for any information irrespective of its form, (text, video, pictures, data, and computer code), that you submit via the website and you declare that you have the legal right to submit that information for publication.  Furthermore, you absolve Speciss College from any claims brought by any party regarding ownership of such material and you agree that you will defend such claims at your own expense.

You agree that by submitting any information that you own to the website, either by uploading it or by any other means, you give permission to Speciss College to use, edit, alter, add to or subtract from it at Speciss College’s discretion on condition that you retain the copyright ownership.

You also agree that you are responsible to ensure that all information you upload or send by any means to the Speciss College website is not offensive, indecent or objectionable.

Zimbabwe law shall apply.

Changes to the Terms of Use
Speciss College reserves the right to change these terms of use of the website provided it withdraws this copy and publishes the new version in its place.

If any provision of these Terms of Use is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of its other provisions will not be affected.

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